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Effortless management

Update and secure devices in gaming PC labs.

Manage all your desktop machines and perform game updates while the computers are not being used.

Focus on spending time on what you love, not Windows Update. 
No wait times for games or Operating system to be up to date
Handle machine deployment fully remotely
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Secure environment

Secured systems, with limited access to games and game-related content.

Chalk makes sure that your PC’s systems are both locked down and secured so that students can only do as much as you allow them to! Set your boundaries so students are able to engage with technology responsibly. 


Secured by design

Only let users access apps/games that are allowed by your defined policies. No messing with the file system.

Fully managed remotely

Our platform lets you manage entirely any computer in your network, with ease and remotely through our app.

Easily restored

If for any reason a device on the network becomes problematic - it can be easily restored to their initial clean state with a button tap.

Simplified user-access and analytics for busy PC rooms

Let users access various game accounts with a personalized school-tied account. Tracks stats across games, automatically login into allowed games, and see reports that keep you informed of their actions.

Smart access management

Our solution means that students will never be late to a practice game again due to technical difficulties. Get feedback on performance postgame with our analytical dashboard. 

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